Agendas and Minutes for the City of Sioux Falls

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DateMeeting TypeAgendaMinutesMaterialsVideo
January 22, 2019Joint City County MeetingText  PDFWatch
January 22, 2019Informational MeetingText  PDFWatch
January 15, 2019Informational MeetingText  PDFText  PDFPDFWatch
January 15, 2019City Council MeetingText  PDFText  PDFPDFWatch
January 08, 2019Informational MeetingText  PDFText  PDFPDFWatch
January 08, 2019City Council MeetingText  PDFText  PDFPDFWatch
January 03, 2019Planning CommissionText  PDFText  PDFPDFWatch
January 02, 2019Planning Commission BriefingText  PDFText  PDFPDFWatch
January 02, 2019Informational MeetingText  PDFText  PDFPDFWatch

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